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The Matter of the Missing Minutes


I have been doing some work this week looking at the links between the Belfast Charitable Society and the Belfast Chamber of Commerce of which there are many. One of the most surprising things I found relates to missing information. There has been great debate over many years about the "missing" Minute Books belonging to the Belfast Charitable Society which would have covered the period of the 1798 Rebellion. Our Minute Books finish in 1794 and recommence in 1800. It is not known whether another volume ever existed, or it was purposely removed or accidentally destroyed. Despite all of my searching [...]

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International Women’s Day 2016


We are currently organising an event to coincide with International Women's Day on 8th March 2016.  Women were very important to the running of Belfast Poor House, whether it was Mrs Corruthers, who was a Superintendent or Mary Anne McCracken who was a member of the Ladies Committee.  The women who came to the House as residents or to work at the House were vital and made exceptional contributions to the welfare of  all the residents especially the children.  Our event will take a look at some of the women who played their role in the running of Belfast Poor House.

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Mental Health Care & The Poor House


This is an extract from the presentation given to the Royal College of Psychiatrists on 27th January 2016: It was not envisaged in 1774 that the Poor House would take people with severe mental health problems, however because of a lack of any viable alternative they felt it necessary to provide some level of care.  In January 1802 it was ordered that “2 rooms in this house be appropriated for the reception of such deranged persons as belong to & have resided 2 years, in this Town.”  Pressure was constantly applied to the Poor House to take more and more cases.  [...]

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