The Volunteer Now Mobile Volunteering Project, funded by the Belfast Charitable Society, through the Barbour Fund has helped to create 495 volunteer hours for various local charities across Northern Ireland. This project has given the charities access to additional support to produce or package promotional goods, count money or carry out minor administrative tasks which otherwise, due to limited resources, they simply could not have done themselves.

Not only has the Mobile Volunteering Project assisted the charities but it has brought great benefit to the groups undertaking the volunteering. It has demonstrated that older people, no matter their circumstances and personal challenges can make a positive contribution to their local community and the wider society.

To date the project has prepared over £8000 of stock for Oxfam, Clic Sargent Cancer Care for Children, Habitat for Humanity, RSPB and Cancer Focus, counted money from cash collection tins for Guide Dogs for the Blind and prepared volunteer uniforms for Rosie’s Trust, a local charity for terminally ill cancer patients

“We used the services of the Volunteer Now Mobile Volunteering project to help with creating our seasonal promotional goods in the form of “reindeer food”. The service offered by Volunteer Now was vital in order for us to make this product and raise an amazing £2,000 for the charity.”

Nadine Campbell Area Fundraising Manager (Northern Ireland) Clic Sargent Cancer Care for Children