You will have undoubtedly heard her name in recent weeks and months in the media, but do you know the full story of Mary Ann McCracken? This formidable woman would have been a well known figure in her day, walking through the streets of Belfast, always on a mission! Now you have the chance to walk those same streets, and find out more about her life, the places she lived, worked and visited.

You will come away not only knowing more about Mary Ann herself, but also what life was like in Belfast and Ireland when she was alive. You will come away feeling inspired by how much impact, change and influence she had during her long life, which was committed to those less fortunate than herself.

And by booking a tour, you will also come away knowing that you are now part of the ongoing legacy of this remarkable lady, as all proceeds from our tours go to the ongoing philanthropic work of the Mary Ann McCracken Foundation.

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