When Clifton House first opened as an interpretive centre in the early part of the new millennium a long term loan agreement was drawn up with National Museums NI. The loan was of three portraits to hang in the historic Board Room of the old Poor House to help tell the story of Belfast Charitable Society. The three portraits were:

  1. George McCartney- Sovereign of Belfast who donated the Poores Money to Belfast Charitable Society for the use of the Poor House
  2.  Stewart Bank- Sovereign of Belfast who laid the foundation stone of the Poor House in 1771
  3. George Benn- Board member, historian and benefactor who left £1000 to the charity to provide a Christmas Dinner for the residents in 1884

Whilst it is sad to see the portraits go they do need to undergo conservation work and this presented an opportunity to bring in ‘new’ portraits to tell yet another part of our history. Who are the new inhabitants of the Board Room? Keep an eye out on our social media to find out!