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President’s Talks Series 2023

Olaudah Equiano: Aristocrat, Abolitionist, and Activist

When best-selling author Olaudah Equiano arrived in Belfast in 1791, his life had already taken him from a childhood in the Benin aristocracy to enslavement on a Virginia tobacco plantation. Few lives better exemplify the complexities of the late eighteenth century than his. He saw the Arctic, the Seven Years’ War, the court of Queen Charlotte, and Belfast on the eve of rebellion. His life forms the foundation of this talk by historian Gareth Russell – Olaudah Equiano: Aristocrat, Abolitionist, and Activist.

Gareth Russell is a historian and author. His most recent book is the non-fiction bestseller, The Palace: From the Tudors to the Windsors, 500 Years of History at Hampton Court.

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