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This guided tour will tell the story of Mary Ann McCracken (1770-1866) and her biographer, Mary Alice (Molly) McNeill (1897-1984). Two formidable Belfast women, who, while living in different times, had much in common. Both were educated women who came from middle class Presbyterian families. As members of the Belfast Charitable Society, Mary and Molly also devoted their time to alleviate poverty in Belfast.

The two Marys were each deeply engaged with the political and cultural movements of their times,  and their practical philanthropic work was informed by their progressive ideas about the care of children, the disadvantaged, and social justice.

Mary Ann and Molly’s stories will be told through their own letters, and by touring the building in which they worked for so many years. Participants will come away with an understanding of the lives and legacies of these two remarkable women, and the profound impact that Belfast Charitable Society has had on the lives of Belfast’s inhabitants for over 270 years.

Tickets: £5pp

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