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As part of the Mary Ann McCracken 250 series of events Reclaim the Enlightenment are hosting an afternoon of events to mark Bastille Day.

Confirmed on the bill to date (May 2021)

  • Dublins Fergus Whelan
  • 1798 entertainer Paddy Cullivan
  • Mid Ulster Historian Joe McCoy
  • North L Derry Historian S McCracken

More details to follow


Event information

• Bastille Day Belfast will begin at 3pm
• Hosted by Reclaim the Enlightenment– for more information email reclaimtheenlightenment@gmail.com




About the Mary Ann McCracken Foundation
The Foundation was officially launch in 2021 to promote the life and times of this remarkable woman and to explore her legacy and relevance in the 21st century. The Foundation have, to date, republished Mary McNeill’s biography on Mary Ann McCracken, produced an historical map of Belfast, and recently award bursaries to Ulster University Masters Students.

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