belfast healthy cities WHO walking tourThe home of Belfast’s original Poor House, Clifton House, was the focus for further discussions in conjunction with the World Health Organisation (WHO) Healthy Cities Conference in Belfast on Wednesday 3rd October.

Attendees of the conference took the time to visit this historic building and to learn about the origins of health in the city of Belfast and the Belfast Charitable Society’s instrumental role in the improvement of public health services throughout the years. Not simply satisfied with opening the town’s first hospital in 1774 the Society were also responsible for bringing water into Belfast establishing the first chemist, Belfast’s first GP surgery, the first Maternity Hospital and pioneered small pox inoculations in the Poor House.

Paula Reynolds, CEO of the Belfast Charitable Society stated, “I was very proud that Clifton House was selected to be part of the WHO Belfast Healthy Cities Conference this year.

“The Belfast Charitable Society has played an important role in championing health services since its inception and continues to do so until this day, so to be a part of this conference is very fitting for the Society.”

Paula continues, “I would like to thank the team at Belfast Healthy Cities for including the Belfast Charitable Society and Clifton House in this conference. It is a remarkable testament to Belfast that the city was selected to host the WHO Healthy Cities Conference and the Belfast Charitable Society is very proud to a part of the activity.”

Following a warm welcome and tour of Clifton House, Dr David Stewart led the group of delegates around the streets of Belfast to explore the key historical public health buildings and their impact on the city throughout the years.