#OnThisDay 1752 Belfast Charitable Society was founded


At the George, 28th August 1752 The evening of Friday 28th August 1752 was cool in Belfast. After closing up their businesses and homes, a group of nineteen merchants, burgesses [councillors] and the local vicar, made their way to the George Inn at the corner of North Street and John Street (now Royal Avenue). It was there in the George Inn that these gentlemen formed the Belfast Charitable Society, to address poverty and help the poor. The names of the founders were recorded in the first minute book of the new society, which is now held in the Clifton House archives: [...]

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On This Day 1818: An Unusual Visitor to the Belfast Poor House


On Saturday 22 August 1818 the Belfast Poor House had a rather unusual visitor. Grand Duke Michael Pavlovich of Russia dismounted his carriage at the stone steps in front of the building and was given a tour of the institution by members of Belfast Charitable Society. The Grand Duke must have been impressed by what he saw as he was shown through the corridors of the Poor House, as he made a substantial donation of £54 to support its work- the equivalent of over £5,000 today. His name was subsequently added to one of our donation boards which originally hung in [...]

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#OnThisDay 1944: The first wedding between Belfast Charitable Society Residents


During the Second World War, residents of Clifton House- then known as the Belfast Charitable Institution- were evacuated from Belfast to Garron Tower on the North Coast due to the threat of air raids on the city.  It was during the stay there that the Belfast Charitable Society had the first recorded marriage between two residents in its long history. A bachelor called John Bloomer, aged 83, married Frances Ash, aged 65, at Largy Road Parish Church, a short distance from Garron Tower. The ceremony was attended by residents and staff. The couple were granted permission by the Board to honeymoon [...]

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Clifton House celebrates 250th anniversary


Today (August 4, 2021) Belfast Charitable Society celebrated the 250th anniversary of the laying of the Poor House foundation stone – now Clifton House. Established by local merchants to help the poor of the city, the building works took another three years to complete, finally opening its doors to the destitute in 1774. The foundation stone was laid by Stewart Banks, Sovereign (Mayor) of Belfast, who lived close by, and watched with interest as the building emerged. News of the laying of the foundation stone spread across the city, with the Belfast Newsletter reporting:  Yesterday; a large Body of the principal Inhabitants [...]

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