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Clifton House Centre receives grant to help recover from COVID-19


Clifton House Centre has been awarded £74,500 to help recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Known to many as the original Poor House, Clifton House is a unique conference venue and historic heritage attraction located in the north of Belfast. Pre-COVID, it would have accommodated hundreds of small conferences and events over the course of a year, and hosted weekly tours, talks and presentations on the history of the Society and the Poor House. As of March this year, Clifton House will have been closed to the public for a full year, resulting in significant loss of income. Not [...]

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Vincenzo Guerini & Clifton Street Cemetery


The Belfast Charitable Society's graveyard, today known as Clifton Street Cemetery, provided an important revenue stream to help run the Poor House. Whilst some plots were set aside for the burial of the poor, the majority of burial sites were sold to individuals as private graves. On This Day (20 February) 1819 Vincenzo Guerini bought the 9th lot on the 5th platform of the 'New Burying Ground' as his burial place. Guerini had arrived in Belfast from Naples, first docking in  Dublin back in 1806. Guerini advertised in the Belfast Newsletter that he would teach Italian, piano, singing and 'instruct gentlemen [...]

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On this day: The case of Mr Gillespie of Sandy Row


Did you know that Belfast Charitable Society operated an outdoor relief scheme to support the poor in their own homes? Outdoor relief took many forms, including supporting those who could not work due to illness. On this day 1776 Mr Gillespie and his two daughters, who all had a fever, were granted temporary financial relief during their sickness. Want to learn more about the history of the Poor House? Join us every Friday at 1pm for our virtual talks on all aspects of our past. Check out our 'Whats on' section of our website for more information.

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