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Belfast Charitable Society: Celebrating 268 years!


At the George, 28th August 1752 The evening of Friday 28th August 1752 was cool in Belfast. After closing up their businesses and homes, a group of nineteen merchants, burgesses (councillors) and the local vicar, made their way to the George Inn at the corner of North Street and John Street (now Royal Avenue). It was there in the George Inn that these gentlemen formed the Belfast Charitable Society, to address poverty and help the poor. The names of the founders were recorded in the first minute book of the new society, which is now held in the Clifton House archives: [...]

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Peace Day Celebrations (1919) & the Belfast Charitable Institution


On 11 August 1919 the Orderly reported to the Belfast Charitable Society that the residents of the Old People’s Home thoroughly enjoyed the Peace Day Celebrations held earlier in the week. A parade of servicemen left Victoria Barracks, behind Clifton House, and made it’s way down Clifton Street into the city centre. Newspapers reported that 36 000 ex-servicemen paraded in Belfast that day marking the end of the Great War.

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