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Mental Health Care & The Poor House


This is an extract from the presentation given to the Royal College of Psychiatrists on 27th January 2016: It was not envisaged in 1774 that the Poor House would take people with severe mental health problems, however because of a lack of any viable alternative they felt it necessary to provide some level of care.  In January 1802 it was ordered that “2 rooms in this house be appropriated for the reception of such deranged persons as belong to & have resided 2 years, in this Town.”  Pressure was constantly applied to the Poor House to take more and more cases.  [...]

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Australia Day At The Belfast Charitable Society


While completing some research work on the Belfast Charitable Society and the Poor House I came across a document in PRONI which referenced a young boy, William Daly having been sent to the Poor House in 1825 as his mother Sarah Cramshee [sic] was sent for transportation. I haven’t been able to find much out about William, however I have been more successful in tracking down what happened to his mother. Sarah Cramsie was born in 1799 and appears to have had two sons. She was sentenced in 1825 for robbery in the street and was taken to Cork. She was [...]

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