This International Women’s Day Clifton House are hosting a special lecture looking at the life and work of Mary Ann McCracken.

14. Mary Ann McCracken
The Suffragettes established International Women’s Day in 1911 and this year’s theme is ‘Press for Progress’. Come along on 8th March and hear how Mary Ann McCracken pressed for progress both within the walls of the Poor House designed by her uncle Robert, and outside in Belfast and beyond.
Mary Ann’s temperament and tenacity enabled her to make a real difference in the areas closest to her heart. Her interests were varied and ranged from children’s education, to women’s employment and the anti-slavery movement.
Mary Ann is too often seen in the shadow of her sibling Henry Joy, who was executed for his role in the 1798 rebellion. Mary Ann was 28 years old when he was hanged, but had a long full life, living to the age of 96.

So this International Women’s Day let us acknowledge one of the most remarkable women in Belfast history.
The event is free but booking is essential. Please phone 028 90 997 022.